The Past Doesn't Matter Anymore

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Columbus, Ohio 43207

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This is what we are becoming with God's help.

We the people of New Beginnings Church are born of God, children of our Heavenly Father, cleansed from all sin and shame through His blood, and set apart for a Holy purpose in these last days. We say this with confidence, for because of the cross of Jesus Christ, “The Past Doesn’t Matter Anymore!”

Fine Arts Event for Youth - April 9th

Womens Ministry Retreat - April 22nd - 23rd

Walk-a-thon - May 12th - Support our school and daycare

Bless someone less fortunate with a blessing bag & a prayer

Love in Action - Blessing Bags items needed

We live in anticipation of all the good things the Lord will do through us. We have an abiding faith and confidence in the goodness of God and His ability and willingness to perform all that He has said. We are students of His Word, rightly dividing the Word of truth. We are growing and maturing, no longer children tossed about by every wind of doctrine. We are loyal to our Lord, our families, and to each other, knowing that God has called us together for such a time as this. We maintain the unity of the faith and refuse disagreements and gossip, which would rob us of our power in God. We recognize the value and importance of every member of God’s family and the unique contribution they can make to the kingdom of God from the youngest child to the oldest saint.

We are totally dedicated to being all that God desires us to be individually as well as a body of believers. Nothing will satisfy us but God’s perfect will and purpose. Excellence is the standard by which we judge all that we do and say for Him. It is with confidence that we face any enemy or struggle, knowing that through our Lord’s death, burial and resurrection, He has made us victorious and more than conquerors in Jesus’ Name!

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